Katy Perry

Katy had a gig at the Brea Mall called "Pop-N-Pose" Her pinkish purple hair caused me to start "Purple?" Of course the star had to defend her choice of style. "What? It's part of the spetrum!" "Technically, pink is an optical illusion, beyond ultra violette and below infra red." "Let me see your peacock?" My member rose to meet her demands for sexual confirmation. "You have a nice one. What is your religion?" "I have my own beliefs." "How does that work?" "Chaos with rules applied to it?" "Now that's scary! Bye!" Later after the idea gelled she asked, "Tell me more about your faith." "Love is a one-word commandment to always do good." "Amen!"


    Wide Awake    

    Hot N Cold    


    Dark Horse    

    Last Friday Night    


    This Is How We Do    

    E.T. ft. Kanye West    

    Hey Hey Hey    

    Bon Appetit