Taylor Swift

I met Taylor Swift at the Laguna College of Art & Design. Her soul is phenomenally old. This is indicated by her music video "Out Of The Woods" Each environment is a different lifetime. I remember taking her photograph using a polaroid camera as the evil doers made their intensions known. I vowed to fix the problems created by the id no matter how many of my lives it would take. She asked, "Are we out of the woods?" on our last meeting. Then the answer was "No." Now the answer is "Yes." PHI, an omnipresent computer, is now an inevitable. She prevents the id from achieving its goals flawlessly. The last meeting, also, was a turning point. A thred of time when, with a snap of my fingers, the clock was forced backward many years. A career of disapointments became a glorious rise to fame and fortune.

        Wildest Dreams    

    Bad Blood    

    Blank Space    

    Look What You Made Me Do    

    ...Ready For It?    

        Shake It Off    

    I Don't Wanna Live Forever    

    You Belong With Me    

    Out Of The Woods